BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fupexample: Update FUP diagramMichael Buesch13 months
gui-coreservergui: Update yearMichael Buesch4 years
gui-projecttreegui/projecttree: Add rename dialogMichael Buesch4 days
masterpixtend: Fix infinite loop in direct I/O pollMichael Buesch16 hours
micropyAdd experimental micropython stuffMichael Buesch23 months
raspi-hatAdd raspi hat firmwareMichael Buesch23 months
raspi-hat-2raspi-hat: Rewrite i2c in asmMichael Buesch23 months
raspi-hat-3raspi-hat: Rewrite i2cMichael Buesch23 months
awlsim-0.60awlsim-0.60.zip  awlsim-0.60.tar.xz  Michael Buesch3 weeks
awlsim-0.59awlsim-0.59.zip  awlsim-0.59.tar.xz  Michael Buesch6 weeks
awlsim-0.58awlsim-0.58.zip  awlsim-0.58.tar.xz  Michael Buesch3 months
awlsim-0.57awlsim-0.57.zip  awlsim-0.57.tar.xz  Michael Buesch6 months
awlsim-0.56awlsim-0.56.zip  awlsim-0.56.tar.xz  Michael Buesch7 months
awlsim-0.55awlsim-0.55.zip  awlsim-0.55.tar.xz  Michael Buesch9 months
awlsim-0.54awlsim-0.54.zip  awlsim-0.54.tar.xz  Michael Buesch9 months
awlsim-0.53awlsim-0.53.zip  awlsim-0.53.tar.xz  Michael Buesch9 months
awlsim-0.52awlsim-0.52.zip  awlsim-0.52.tar.xz  Michael Buesch11 months
awlsim-0.51awlsim-0.51.zip  awlsim-0.51.tar.xz  Michael Buesch12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
16 hourspixtend: Fix infinite loop in direct I/O pollHEADmasterMichael Buesch1-5/+6
40 hourspixtend: Rewrite calculation of first and last I/O byte addressMichael Buesch2-95/+89
40 hourscore/hw: Add method to check whether an I/O is in the process imageMichael Buesch1-0/+18
4 dayshw/pixtend: Optimize I/O handlingMichael Buesch2-22/+23
4 daysexamples/player: Increase volume to maxMichael Buesch1-3/+3
4 daysBump versionMichael Buesch2-4/+4
4 dayspixtend: Remove some error pathsMichael Buesch1-6/+0
4 dayscore/hwparams: Show list of allowed operator widths in error messageMichael Buesch1-1/+3
5 daystests: Wait a second between retriesMichael Buesch1-3/+5
5 daystests: clockmem.awlpro increase tries to 9Michael Buesch2-2/+2
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