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* pressure_control: Fix valve idle stateMichael Buesch2009-11-221-2/+10
* pressure_control: Allow valve coils on individual portsMichael Buesch2009-11-221-23/+24
* pressure_control: Add support for valves with one magnetMichael Buesch2009-05-301-26/+51
* pressure-control: Fix APIs for multiple sensorsMichael Buesch2009-05-291-60/+47
* pressure_control: Disarm auto-idle while pressure is low.mb2009-05-031-6/+14
* pressure-control: Implement idle-release of valves through timer.Michael Buesch2009-05-031-5/+20
* Turn off the device, if the control tool is shutdownmb2009-04-181-0/+8
* pressure_control: Fix bootupMichael Buesch2009-04-171-1/+11
* pressure_control: Fix automatic pressure controlMichael Buesch2009-04-101-11/+28
* pressure_control: Add manual valve switching.Michael Buesch2008-10-231-8/+2
* Add code to the pressure control.Michael Buesch2008-10-121-0/+82 cgit interface