adxl345_driver2.gitRust driver for the adxl345 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer 19 hours
avremu.gitAVR-8 emulator 19 hours
avrev.gitAVR-8 reverse engineering tools 19 hours
avrmakelib.gitBuild environment for AVR projects 19 hours
awlsim.gitSTEP-7 AWL/STL PLC simulator 18 hours
b43-tools.gitTools for the Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chip 19 hours
b43-ucode.gitOpenSource firmware for Broadcom 43xx devices 19 hours
baclico.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 19 hours
bme280-upy.gitBME-280 sensor device driver with Micropython and Linux support (I2C + SPI) 19 hours
cfe.gitModified (!) CFE 19 hours
cms.gitTiny WSGI backend script 18 hours
cnc-control.gitCNC machine remote control device 19 hours
cnc.gitCNC machining (RS274/NGC) 19 hours
crcgen.gitGenerator for CRC HDL code (VHDL, Verilog, MyHDL) 19 hours
curveipors.gitRust: curveipo - 2D curve interpolation 19 hours
debounce.gitAtmel Mega8 based signal debouncer 19 hours
dht-i2c.gitDHT11/DHT22 to I2C converter 19 hours
disktest.gitHard disk tester 19 hours
dscrpr.gitData scraping framework 19 hours
dummy-esp-idf-hal.gitDummy replacement for 19 hours
dummy-esp-idf-svc.gitDummy replacement for 19 hours
dummy-esp-idf-sys.gitDummy replacement for 19 hours
envsensors.gitEnvironmental sensors - Micropython 19 hours
fastrng.gitFast threaded random number generator 19 hours
fpgamakelib.gitFPGA build toolchain helpers 19 hours
fpgatest.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 19 hours
funcgen.gitMicrocontroller low frequency function generator 19 hours
galemu.gitGAL/PAL chip emulator 19 hours
gamers.gitExperimental Rust implementation of random gaming stuff 19 hours
linuxcnc.gitLinuxCNC 19 hours
manplot.gitSimple reverse plotting utility 19 hours
misc.gitMisc scripts 19 hours
mmmeas.gitMultiMeterMeasurement 19 hours
moistcontrol.gitAutomatic flower pot moisture control 19 hours
morse.gitMorse en/decoder 19 hours
movavgrs.gitRust: Generic Moving Average calculation 19 hours
myradio.gitSimple MAC+PHY 19 hours
nn.gitMachine learning experiments 19 hours
openpsu.gitOpenPSU power supply firmware 19 hours
partmgr.gitPart manager 19 hours
pbwake.gitPower bank keep alive device 19 hours
pcibx.gitCatalyst PCIBX32-X / PCIBX64-X Control Utility 19 hours
pcremote.gitPC remote control 19 hours
piccol.gitpiccol - PICk COLors - Color picker and translator 19 hours
pilc.gitPiLC - The Raspberry Pi PLC 19 hours
ppgpio.gitParallel-port GPIO 19 hours
pwman-f2e.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 19 hours
pwman.gitLightweight password manager 19 hours
pwrtray.gitTiny power control tray application 19 hours
pyprofibus.gitPROFIBUS-DP stack 19 hours
rangelockrs.gitRust: Range lock for Vec 19 hours
razer.gitRazer device library and tools 19 hours
regtrack.gitregtrack - i386 register and stack tracker - reverse engineering tool 19 hours
sauerbot.gitSauerbraten coopedit helper bot 19 hours
shr3avr8.gitAVR-8: SHR3 3-shift register random number generator 19 hours
shr3rs.gitRust: SHR3 3-shift register random number generator 19 hours
simplepwm.gitLED PWM driver 19 hours
spicetest.gitpyspice experiments 19 hours
tetris.gitTetris game for the MyAVR-MK2 board 19 hours
timeslicers.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 19 hours
toprammer.gitTOP2049 Open Source programming suite 19 hours
wifiscanner.gitWiFi-scanner OpenSource firmware and specifications 19 hours
wolfsmuehle.gitWolfsmuehle - Board game 19 hours
wrt-debrick.gitModified Linksys-WRT debrick utility. 19 hours
xytronic-lf.gitXytronic LF soldering station firmware 19 hours cgit interface